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Insights and innovation

We support companies in gaining actionable insights about their customers, generating ideas and making validated decisions. The goal is to identify and exploit innovation potential and new business opportunities based on customer needs.

Insights & Innovation
Concept and visual design

Concept and design

We conceptualize and design the implementation or enhancement of your software or hardware product. The goal is to concretize ideas based on business and user requirements and to develop them step by step further, from the first concept visualization to the final design solution.

Test and validate

With usability testing and validation methods we support you in different project phases to check whether a product or feature proposal meets the current UX standards and is accepted by potential customers. Through the evaluations, problems in usage and acceptance can be detected and solved early on, thus preventing unnecessary costs in the development.

Usability test and validate
Human Factors and Usability Engineering

Human factors and usability engineering

With our human factors and usability engineering competencies, we support companies in safety-relevant industries to minimize usage-related risks in their products, workflows or processes in order to avoid undesired events such as accidents or product recalls.

Cross-product customer experience

We support companies with a larger product and service portfolio to holistically understand, map and define their offerings across individual products and services. The goal is to unify design, leverage synergies, optimize processes, and enable a coherent user experience across systems.

Crossproduct Experience

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a team of experienced designers and psychologists whose core competencies cover the entire spectrum of user experience services. We have already applied our passion for products and services with outstanding user experience in various industries.

Nina Suter

UX Consultant / Co-Founder

Nina has a natural empathy for users and customers and knows how to answer questions that are crucial to success through user research. With strategic thinking, sharpens product visions, recognizes innovation potential and designs cross-system solutions.

Marco Al Khadra - Heinle

UX Consultant / Co-Founder

As an experienced design leader, Marco has decisively shaped and established the design language of companies. His passion is realizing and visualizing his clients’ ideas using design methods. With human-centered design, he finds meaningful solutions to complex challenges that inspire customers and users alike.

Corinne Maurer

UX Consultant / Co-Founder

Corinne is a passionate problem solver and excellent communicator. She loves developing product visions, designing workshops and communicating knowledge. With her many years of professional experience, she creates the basis for a successful project through goal-oriented communication between team, customer and user.

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